Challenging Religious Privilege

The National Secular Society works for the separation of religion and state and equal respect for everyone's human rights so that no one is either advantaged or disadvantaged on account of their beliefs.

Make a stand for freedom, fairness and human rights by adding your voice to the call for a secular democracy.

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The latest Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse report scotches once and for all the idea that Catholic safeguarding has been transformed, says Richard Scorer.

IICSA report is a damning indictment of Church’s handling of sexual abuse

Posted: Thu, 20 Jun 2019

Megan Manson examines a new document outlining the Catholic Church's position on issues relating to sex and gender, and explains how this may lead to conflict in Catholic Schools.

What might Catholic schools teach about transgender and intersex people?

Posted: Fri, 14 Jun 2019

Countering extremism requires a whole-society response to uphold and promote democratic norms and principles and encourage debate and dialogue, says the lead commissioner for countering extremism Sara Khan.

Countering the threat to religious freedom and of religious extremism

Tags: Extremism

Posted: Wed, 12 Jun 2019

A report on child abuse in religious settings should prompt us to reconsider our relationship with religious institutions and their constitutional privileges and our wider attitude towards religion, says Chris Sloggett.

Protecting children means challenging religious privilege

Posted: Fri, 07 Jun 2019

Stephen Evans says religious concerns weren't a good reason to restrict understanding of birth control in Victorian England and they aren't a good reason to undermine relationships and sex education today.

Sexual freedom and secularism have always gone hand in hand

Posted: Fri, 07 Jun 2019

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What our members say

  • We cannot, and should not, protect our country's children from being brought up by ultra-conservative religious parents but we can, and should, ensure that they go to a school where they learn about other religions, about humanism, about living without religion and are given the confidence that people of all faiths and none are treated equally under the law.

    Susan, Devon
  • Cameron's recent speech on religion made me put my money where my mouth is and join the NSS. I'm against any religious privilege but as a father of 2 young children the issue that infuriates me most is the discrimination in the admission criteria of faith schools and the obvious lack of equality that the government fails to accept.

    Bryn, Berkshire
  • As a retired head of a comprehensive school, I am very concerned at the growth of so-called 'faith schools'. I very strongly believe they are dangerous, divisive and a threat to our open society.

    Andrew, London
  • "As a medical student, what concerns me most is NHS funding for hospital chaplains."

    Brendan, Lisburn
  • On many secular issues, atheists and many theists have common interests. By working together on these issues, voices will be louder. While I am no longer religious, I absolutely support people's right to religious freedom.

    Tim, Cheltenham
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